Interview with Gareth Jones (october 2006):

     This interview was given by Gareth Jones exclusively to in October 2006.

   Gareth Jones is a music producer, engineer, programmer who worked with Erasure on the albums "Wild!", "Erasure", "Cowboy" and "Other People's Songs". He also done numerous remixes for Erasure and Depeche Mode. Gareth Jones is also a producer of the new yet untitled Erasure album. 

Gareth Jones   - Hello Gareth! Thanks for sparing your time for this interview. First of all, for the people who doesnt know about you, tell us a bit about yourself. So, whats up in your life?

   - I am happily married and living in North London with a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful cats. I go up and down emotionally sometimes, but I try to stay positive.

   - What kind of music are you fond of?

   - Many different kinds. I love Miles Davies, Kraftwerk, Bach. I enjoy a good tune.

   - So, the new Erasure album. Is there something special about it? Would it be a real dance album sounding as electronic as possible?

   - Very special for me 2 special friends who I have known for many years. We want to make a warm and emotional album. It will likely be all electronic.

   - May you give us the approximate release date of the new album and its title?

   - April 2007? No idea about title.

   - Maybe something about the first single?

   - No idea. We will develop a few songs before we choose a single.

   - Tell us how you met Andy and Vince, how and when did it happen?

   - I met Andy and Vince for the "Wild!" sessions a long time ago. Initially I started working with Andy on vocals and vibes in the Church studio in London.

   - You first experience with Erasure was the work on "Wild!" album. At that time Erasure were on top of the charts with their "The Innocents" album. Did you have a feeling of responsibility during your work on "Wild!"? You had to care about "the Erasure brand" and to produce an album which had to be at least as good as the previous one.

   - I was very excited to work with such a good singer on some great songs, it was a technical and a creative challenge. I had no real understanding (or interest) in the "Erasure brand" at that time.

   - You also worked with Andy and Vince on their "Erasure", "Cowboy" and "Other People's Songs" albums. Well speak about "Other People's songs" a bit later. Can you tell us if your work on "Erasure" album was different comparing with other albums? This album is quite experimental and we can even hear Diamanda Galas on it!

   - The "Erasure" album was a bit over-thought perhaps we definitely had a concept. It was a great experience working with Thomas Fehlmann and Francois Kevorkian, and I am proud and pleased with the result.

   - Comparing the Erasure albums you have produced, which one was the most difficult to work on?

   - They all had their own challenges, and were easy and difficult in different ways.

Gareth Jones and Andy Bell   - And which, in your opinion, is the most successful one (between those produced by you)?

   - Wild! because of "Blue Savannah".

   - As is known, Vince is selling his unique studio, 37B. In your opinion, is it a good decision?

   - Vince is possibly selling the building, I dont think he is selling the equipment.

   - What do you think, if this sale had some negative consequences concerning the sound of the following albums?

   - People make sound. Its people who count. See above anyway.

   - The album of cover versions, "Other People's Songs", was thought at the beginning as Andy's solo album, but then it was transformed into an Erasure album. Andy himself told us that it's good. According to Andy's words "if he had released a cover versions album, people would have thought he cant write his own songs, that he is stupid". What are your thoughts about all of this?

   - It was a pleasure making OPS and also very interesting for all of us to have Erasure work on other peoples' songs.

   - At the time of "Other People's Songs" album, Vince said in an interview how they were choosing the tracks for the album. He said that everyone came with the CD of his favourite songs and then you've chosen some tracks from each CD making the compilation in this way. But, according to Vince, there were no tracks from your CD chosen. Are you a bit angry at them for that?

   - No! J

   - Tell us what tracks did you chose for this album? Were they recorded?

   - I cant remember. None were recorded.

   - In general, do you remember if there are many Erasure songs between those you produced that never seen the light of day and were left in the closet?

Gareth Jones   - Almost everything is released either as album track or b-side.

   - Besides Erasure, you worked a lot with Depeche Mode. Now quite a provocative question - whom is it easier to work with and why?

   - All projects have their own challenges and difficulties.

   - Does Vince have any contacts with his colleagues from Depeche Mode or all those communication passes indirectly via you?

   - I believe they are in touch you would have to ask them.

   - What do you think is the secret of Depeche Mode and Erasure's success?

   - Good Songs. Hard Work.

   - It is not a secret that Mute Records is making a far bigger effort to promote Depeche Mode than Erasure. Why is it so, in your opinion?

   - I dont know, I try to give marketing to the marketing experts.

   - Have you heard Andy's solo album, "Electric Blue"? What do you think about it?

   - I was so pleased that Andy made the record, and I enjoyed listening to it.

   - What do you think about Erasure's future?

   - I wish them every happiness.

   - And now a few questions from Russian Erasure's fan club. In your opinion, who among the actual producers, is the best and the most fitting to work with a group like Erasure?

   - Right now ME!!

   - Gareth, in your opinion, which song Erasure and Pet Shop Boys could re-record together?

   - They would have to write a new one together.

   - Did members of Depeche Mode and Erasure ever think to make some project together?

   - Not that I know about.

   - Gareth, what is your favourite joke or story about Vince?

   - Errr.

   - What groups or artists making electronic music are your favourites?

   - Kraftwerk!

Gareth Jones   - Are there any new releases you found interesting to yourself?

   - The new Clinic album on Domino is great!!

   - What do you most like or dislike in Andy and Vince?

   - They are both lovely people theres nothing to dislike.

   - How do you like Vince's cooking?

   - Delicious when you can get it!!

   - To finish, tell us what are you doing right now?

   - Working on the new Erasure album in the US of A.

   - Gareth, have you already visited Russia? If not, have you ever considered traveling to our country, for example, as a tourist?

   - I have never visited, but would love to one day.

   - Is there anything you want to say to all Erasure fans?

   - Thanks for all your love and support.

   - Gareth, thanks for your time and good luck in everything you do!

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